October 04, 2003 Trail Ride
We, NCRC had a nice Trail Ride Saturday with 14 riders and a bunch of helpers. Cheryl McKusick was the Trailmaster and no one got lost :) The sun was out and beautiful until they returned and within minutes, the skies opened up and it poured.... What timing!!!!!

They had some wet conditions, but all the ponies and horses went through it well and only one mishap I understand when Lori and Amie were talking and Lori's horse ran into a treee.... ?????? Oh, and Jimmy rode only part way because his horse, Rockin' Reba threw a shoe and he walked her back to the clubhouse. Poor Jimmy, he never gets a chance to ride and finally the day he did, she threw a shoe. (bad luck Jim)

Kimmie was the only member to ride bareback and it actually looked very comfy despite the wet butt when she got back....

Riders included Cheryl McKusick, Tim, Lynn & Tisha Wright of Alton, Amie and Jimmy Smith, Deanna & Belinda Fletcher of Hartland, Cathy & Janel Swallia of Charleston, Kim Derosier, Lorie Chabot, Holli Pullen and Lynn McKusick.

Amber and I cooked hamburger, hotdogs, baked beans, brownie with ice cream & chocolate sauce for the riders when they return a couple hours later.

Helping and having lunch at the clubhouse were Judy Wilbur Craig, Amber & Bill Cherniske and Mark & David McKusick.

Judy Wilbur Craig, NCRC media Correspondent

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