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Title 29-A - 2055. Animals on a public way.url

1. Riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles. A person riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle on a public way has the rights and is subject to the duties of a vehicle operator, except those provisions that by their nature have no application. [1993, c. 683, Pt. A, 2 (new); Pt. B, 5 (aff).]

2. Unattended animal-drawn vehicle. A person may not allow an animal-drawn vehicle to be on a public way unattended unless the vehicle is reasonably fastened. [1993, c. 683, Pt.A, 2 (new); Pt. B, 5 (aff).]

3. Frightened animals. When a person riding, driving or leading an animal that appears to be frightened signals by putting up a hand or by other visible sign, an operator approaching from the opposite direction must stop as soon as possible and remain stationary as long as necessary and reasonable to allow the animal to pass. When traveling in the same direction, the operator must use reasonable caution in passing an animal. [1993, c. 683, Pt. A, 2 (new); Pt. B,5 (aff).]

4. Annoyance. An operator may not knowingly operate a motor vehicle in a manner to annoy, startle, harass or frighten an animal being ridden or driven on or near a public way. [1993, c.683, Pt. A, 2 (new); Pt. B, 5 (aff).]

5. Throwing object. An operator or person in a motor vehicle may not throw an object or substance from the vehicle toward an animal being ridden or driven on or near a public way.[1993, c. 683, Pt. A, 2 (new); Pt. B, 5 (aff).]

Section History: PL 1993, Ch. 683, A2 (NEW). PL 1993, Ch. 683, B5 (AFF).

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