This is how Koda the "rein horse" and I spent Christmas Eve day. Giving neighboring kids rides! We turned a lot of heads all over town. and yes, he is wearing antlers and jingle bells. No rein horse would be complete without them! Koda is a 3 YO PMU colt who will be 4 Memorial Weekend, 2008. He was rescued from a slaughterhouse stockyard in Alberta, CA and shipped to a rescue farm in down state Vermont. That's where I picked him up. It's too bad more people wouldn't look into PMU adoption. (PMUs do have their own registry and awards programs) Koda will have a promising future because someone did look into it and someone else (me) believed in him and his potential.
-Gloria Bagley

39 horse and rides attended Tim Briggs' eleven mile Trot ride.
The wind was a little strong, But all attending seemed to have a good time.
Photo taken by Nancy Redmen from the Dexter Airport

New baby born May 9th, 8:30am. Mom is Far Lane Iris (Tess) Evan's registered Belgian mare. The sire is Little Oak's Riverwind

NCRC's Vice President Tim Briggs' horse Jinger riding along I-95 going to the Beddinton trail ride. Tims says "She's not spoiled!! She's special!!"
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