NCRC Minutes
May 28, 2003

"To Be Approved At Our June 25, 2003 Meeting"

22 in Attendance

Minutes were read from previous meeting and approved.

A huge "thank you" to everyone for the May 3rd Work Day at the ring site.

A reminder that there is a video/books exchange for anyone seeking more advice/information on horses. See Patti or Tara FMI.

Patti gave a talk on how the driving course would run. She has gotten the cones (24 @ 18” tall). Will place oranges on top of the cones. Each cart will be measured prior to entering the ring. Plates will label the course.

Program update - Judy - It is finished and ready for the press. A rough draft was passed around. It will be 60 pages long. Should be ready on June 7, 2003. NCRC business cards were also printed and handed out. Thank you Judy and Amie.

Scholarship Committee - announced the receiver of the 2003 NCRC Scholarship as Kristen Lane. Kristen will graduate John Baptist and attend UMO in the Fall to study Equine Business Management. Congratulations Kristen!

TROT had an excellent ride on May 25. The following Sunday TROT will meet at Bears One Stop in Newport. Contact person is Amy Beem.

Awards Committee - Trophies prices with Wyman’s has increased from $3.85 to $4.45. Voted to check around for a better price. Noreen & Tim will check on this matter. Ribbons are all ordered. Should arrive June 2. Colored logo this year!
$100 Stakes classes will be divided as 1st $40 2nd $30 3rd $20 4th $10. Rider numbers, judges cards, etc all ordered as well.

Advertising - for the show is on the web, in the papers and the Uncle Henry’s. The Town is realizing the significance of the horse club and we have their support.

Equipment - Radio Shack does not carry a mixer. Sound system will be set up by Steve Pratt for our first show. Chairs and office supplies have been purchased for the booth. Still need a couple tables for outside the booth.

The Booth - Noreen Peters gave us a wonderful up date on the booth’s condition. Fixed everything that was wrong with it. Holes in the roof, coated the roof, painted the ceilings, all electric work has been replaced, doors replaced, painted outside white, green and black, new flooring in have of the booth, etc… Will be ready to move by Wednesday. Can not thank Mr. Peters enough for his generosity to NCRC!

Banners are with the Toot's. Need lettering and a place to display them.

Water and electric - Dig safe should have it marked out by June 2. High water table this year. Need to do it when the ground is dryer.

Sign up sheet were passed around for tasks that need to be done in order to hold a show.

Spring Street Green house will do a container planting for the club.

Raffle - Need to decide what to raffle. Need to get donations from Wal-Mart, Perkco, Sawtelle’s, etc…

Also had a donation from Patti Dowse, a leather purse and from Judy Edgerly a dressage saddle with leathers and irons. Thank you so much.

Vendors - need to contact a Tack shop for the show. Kristen will do that. Dexter Football Boosters will be doing the food. Harry Ackerman will be the farrier.

Discussed import jobs that need to be done on show day . Patti volunteered to do trash duty and Tim will handle poop patrol! Someone will bring a four wheeler to drag the ring and someone will contact the Fire Department to water the ring.

Wild West Weekend - We discussed the Wild West Weekend which will be held August 1 - 3 in Dexter. Many idea have been put to paper. We have the Towns support to do so. Club agreed it would be a fun weekend and a chance to promote horses in Dexter. Will need to be discussed further will the Town and at our next meeting.

Next meeting to be held June 25 at 7 pm at the WSC on the Number Ten Road in Dexter.

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