NCRC Minutes
April 29, 2004

~ A meeting of North Country Riding Club was held on April 29, 2004 at the snowmobile club at 7:00 P.M with 16+ members in attendance.
~ The Secretary's Report was read and the Minutes were accepted
~ The Treasurer's Report was read and the Treasurer's Report was accepted.

Old Business
1. Review of the July horse show. There was discussion on the length of time lunge line (horse 3 and under) class. Upon Motion duly made and seconded, it was voted to drop the lung line class because of time constraints.

Leadline 8 yrs and under was discussed. Upon Motion duly made and seconded, it was voted to change Lead line to any age, as long as the rider does not compete in any other riding class.

Costume class and parade classes were also discussed. To void lengthy holds between classes. It was voted that Parade Class follow English Pleasure 18 and over, and that Costume Class be moved back to the final class before “lunch break.”

Draft/Draft Cross Open Class was discussed. Upon motion made and seconded, it was voted that the class is pointed.

Upon motion made and seconded, it was Voted that the equitation show program remain the same as last year with the exception of the above changes.

2. The Shot Clinic was discussed. In order for the Vet to come and do the shots, we must have at least 20 horses for the vet to come and the clinic will start at 7:30 A.M.. Everyone planning to attend the clinic needs to e-mail Judy no later than Thursday. If there is not enough interest, we will have to cancel the clinic.

3. Ring Clean Up and Trailer Jacking is scheduled for May 1, 2004. Judy requested that all members that are available, try to attend the cleanup. The ring needs to be dragged, rocks picked up and the trailer jacked up.

4. Orders for Bergs. We still do not have enough personal orders to give to Bergs. There was discussion on selling particular items at shows as a moneymaker.

5. The Kym Raymond Clinic was cancelled because of lack of interest.

6. The Scholarship Fund. Lorie Chabot advised that she had only received one Application for the Scholarship.

7. The water/power/fill update was discussed by Lynn and Judy with the club members present. It is estimated that the price for the installation will be less than $1,000.00. Upon motion duly made and seconded, approval was given to go ahead with the installation.

8. Judy Craig updated the members on Wild West Weekend. Interest is growing day by day. We are not allowed to have a dunk tank on 'town property' because of MMA rules, but it can be on personal property. We are tentatively having vendors & maybe yardsale people at the Water Street Dexter Shoe parking lot with a possible minimum charge of $5.00 per table to help defray the Insurance costs for the town of Dexter. Childrens games and rides will be tentatively at Mike Blake's Mill Stream Storage property. Judy is also looking into jail and bail, which is a good fundraiser and working with the new police chief to have it at the police station.

New Business:
~ Committee for Jump Painting and Fixing. Krysten Lane volunteered to pick up the jump poles at the clean up and bring them home to be painted.
~ Game Show Class List. Guy Currier was not at the meeting. Judy Craig is going to contact him directly concerning the program. Committee Reports:
1. It was suggested to the NCRC Youth Group that they sell 50/50 raffle tickets at the shows to earn money.

Judy Craig discussed the program/ad book and noted a substantial decease in the amount of ads sold. There was discussion among the members about the costs of the ads. It was suggested that everyone try to obtain more ads to help with the costs of the shows.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Noreen Peters, Secretary

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