NCRC Minutes
February 26, 2004

* A meeting of North Country Riding Club was held on February 26, 2004 at the snowmobile club at 7:00 P.M. with 22 members in attendance.

* The Secretary's Report was read and the Minutes were accepted

* The Treasurer's Report was read. The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

* Old Business Guy Currier brought up the fact that a silent auction for various items such as a bag of grain was not made note of in the Minutes for January 29, 2004. The Minutes will be updated on the web to include this information.

* New Business:
There are presently fifty members to date. Member's names and addresses have been added to the web site thanks to Amie and Bonnie. Membership cards are being filled out and given to the members.

* The need for an Awards Committee was discussed. The Committee for the 2004 season will consist of the following individuals: Kristen Lane, Lorie Chabot, Diane Chabot, and Noreen Peters

* There was discussion by the members as to the age for the Youth Club Members. Upon Motion made and seconded, it was voted that the age for the Youth Club be under age 21.

* The need for an Equitation Committee was discussed. The Committee for the 2004 season will consist of Bonnie Shorey and Lynn McKusick.

* Amie brought information and form from Bergs Sportswear which was distributed to the members for jackets, shirts, and windbreakers. Those interested in ordering need to turn their orders in as soon as possible.

* There was discussion by the members concerning the Day End Awards and the difficulties from last season. There needs to be a change. Halter/Open had too many ties. Maybe be need to add or drop a class or have to go in more than one class to qualify. It was suggested that we delete the obstacle course from being pointed or add more classes required to participate in at least. Motion was made by Guy Currier to table the matter until after the Equitation Committee can come up with suggestions. The motion was passed unanimously.

* On the Winterfest Committee, Kristen reported who were at the snow sculpture and that they won a second place trophy and $50.00.

* Tim Briggs reported that there were only 100 raffle tickets left for the hand-made cradle. The tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $50.00.

* Judy Craig discussed and handed out new forms to sell ads for the show book/Program and gave the prices. She also mentioned that this year the pages will be numbered and the more a sponsor does, the more they get mentioned. We will also add a sponsor page listing everyone and what page they are on. The deadline for turning in ads is March 31st. Business cards for NCRC were also given out to members to pass along to others.

* The silent auction was mentioned and discussion concerning the items and value amount.

* Guy Currier asked if there were any suggestions for new games this year. Everyone agreed that run, ride and lead will be eliminated. The Nagles and the Days, as well as Bonnie Shorey, offered to help on games. Guy admitted that he made a mistake last season. You have 2 steps to get your horse under control.

* Water and power were discussed again. Lynn McKusick said she would ask Matt to get together with Public Works Director Mike Delaware and work on the situation.

* Judy Craig expressed the need for all riders to wear their numbers whenever they are in the ring. Also, it needs to be announced to the gatekeeper as you enter the ring. We may need to make a rule, that if you go into the ring without your number, you are eliminated or no ribbon awarded, and that this will be posted at the entrance gate.

* Judy also expressed the amount of interest relating to Wild West Weekend is growing daily. Wild West Weekend will be held July 30, 31 and August 1.

* Gail McCormack announced show dates for Garland, Dirigo, and other clubs.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,
Noreen S. Peters, Secretary

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