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Monthly Meeting ---}} last Thursday of the month


NCRC MONTHLY: Our Monthly Meeting is the last Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.
During the summer months, we will meet at Bud Ellms Field, 166 Zions Hill Road, Dexter, ME.
OFF SEASON MEETING PLACE: Dexter Town Hall, right across from Abbott Memorial Library, go in the back/side door.

    2020 OFFICERS:
  • President: Linda Lovejoy 717-5195
  • Vice President: Danielle Withee 745-1130
  • Tresurer/Media Correspondent: Amanda Sherburne email: or 277-5029
  • Secretary: Buffy Wiers 416-5452
  • Directors: Allison Blokland, Angie Clukey, Nancy Schodel, Stephen Wiers, James Cummingham and Gary Cunningham
    2020 Show Dates and Events
  • July 26--Game Show
  • August 2--Game Show
  • August 30--Game Show
  • September 6--Game Show
  • September 30--Equitation Show (Judge Teresa Adkins)
  • October 11--Halloween Fun Game Show
Here is the 2019 Membership Form if you would like to join North Country Riding Club.
Some of the benefits of joining:
  • * Able to vote at all NCRC meetings
  • * Discounts at NCRC shows
  • * Can put horse related classifieds on our website for free!
  • * Pay $10 year-end fee at the 1st show you ride and you qualify for year-end awards
  • * and feeling like you belong to a great organization

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