The Money Myth Versus Reality
If folks who think we're all wealthy horse people knew how we truly live! They'd rethink their preconceived notions that riders are privileged elitists. Here are five commond myths contrasted with the way things really are:
MYTH #1 "anyone who'd pay hundreds of dollars for a set of show clothes they can only wear on weekends has got to be rich." reality: Don't look too closely at any of the monograms on the attire. Since many of them were bargain purchases at consignment shops, they often bear initials that have no relevance to the wearer's true identity.

MYTH #2 "Shows are expensive. You've got to be a millionaire to participate." Reality: True, there are millionaires on the show circuit. But there are plenty more competitors who forego the trip to Hawaii, so they can afford to show. It's all abot priorities.

MYTH #3 "Horse people are all a bunch of blue-blooded snobs." Reality: Yes, but we have the sense to remove our tiaras while we much stalls, doctor horses and heft 50-pound sack of feed.

MYTH #4 "I've been to horse shows. The riders are followed around by an entoourage of attendants." Reality: Yes, at the top you will find competitors with a full support staff. But at the average show, those attendants would be the proud horse show mom or dad, the dedicated riding instructor and the fefuddled surrogate groom (also known as the spouse or significant other of the rider).

MYTH #5 "Equestrians aren't real athletes. They just take their money and buy themselves a champion." Reality: You ride without stirrups for an hour and werestle flying lead changes from a 1,200 pund animal, and then we'll talk!

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