Is horse slaughter humane?
Every year an estimated 60,000+ horses are slaughtered in the United States alone. That is around 160 horses being brutally slaughtered EVERY DAY! Another 20,000+ horses are shipped live for slaughter to other countries. Many of these horses are healthy, young, and viral.

Is horse slaughter humane? You decide: There are two predominant slaughter plants in the country. Most slaughter-bound horses have to travel hundreds of miles in crowded trailers. Many are severely injured before they reach the slaughter plant while others suffer a gruesome death on the trailer.

USDA rules for horses being slaughtered for human consumption states the horses must be bled to death. Therefore, they do not die instantly. They are hit in the head with a bolt gun to stun them, hung upside down and their throats slit while the blood slowly drains out of their bodies.
Information provided by Spring Hill Horse Rescue